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Focus Optimal developed a hosted solution that has extremely low internal impact.  We take the responsibility for hardware and software, hosting our proprietary technology, accomplishing data transfers, managing the entire modeling process and ensuring that your expectations are met or exceeded.

To accomplish this goal of seamless integration, we have made a significant investment in our data management capabilities.  You benefit from our ability to rapidly receive and deliver files in virtually any format or medium, from any legacy system or third party provider. 

In almost all cases we can have a fully modeled program completed and implemented within a week of engagement.  Your only resource investment would be to contribute a few hours of your team to agree on the program details and coordinate with external resources, if any.

A cornerstone of our approach is our automated test and learn methodology that continually updates our models to improve their value.  Static or consultant-produced models decay over time and lose accuracy.  Our approach assures that you will always obtain the best results possible.   We incorporate results from the field, environmental and marketing information, product changes, creative changes and other factors in the mix to assure the best performance at all times.

Our approach can be readily applied in any channel and across every market, offline and online.  Focus Optimal has worked in outbound and inbound marketing programs, call center management, email and web, direct mail, and telemarketing.  We have complete scoring and model generation scalability and can process virtually any size database.

We can deploy our models in your systems, in real-time applications if required.  We can deliver embedded routines or other mechanisms to your system of choice, allowing us to make real time customer behavior predictions.  The message is that we can deliver our solution painlessly to our customers any way, any time and any place you require it.