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Optimal Score Builder (OSB)

OSB is designed to reduce tedious marketing, risk and other business analytic tasks into simple, practical streamlined processes. It contains a suite of automated advanced analytical applications that allow analysts to focus on business issues rather than data and statistical details. Analysts can build powerful predictive models with OSB faster and easier than other software tools in the market.

OSB key advantages over traditional tools are:

Adaptability It runs on the most popular data analysis software platform - SAS
Intuitive Anyone with a very basic SAS BASE knowledge can use it
Easy Fully automated on all aspects of predictive modeling from handling missing data, outliers, and data transformation to developing, validating and implementing models
Accurate Based on unique data processing techniques and patent pending smooth spline technology
Fast Handles large volume of records and variables efficiently
Practical Provides a rich suite of business applications for marketing, risk management, fraud detection, and media optimization

OSB provides 7 modules for data analysis and decision optimization:

Predictive Modeling Builds powerful predictive models in 3-5 simple steps
Optimization Best tool for creating optimal assignments of coupon, product, channel, etc.
Market Basket Analysis Identifies customer product purchase affinities and is highly valuable for up- and cross-selling
Match Sampling Most accurate method to understand marketing or other business program impact among customer segments
Time Series Develops time series data and models fast
Incremental Lift Models Develops true uplift target models to maximize marketing or other business program impact
Data Manipulation Many useful data analysis utilities